Roll Camera.. Action!! Kreativ Angles has a multi-talented and creative team capable of creating visuals you will watch time and again. Displaying a few of their amazing collection of videos we have produced...

Rashmi & Swapnil

Starring Rashmi & Swapnil

Every time a love story is narrated, hearts melt to make a bond of love so strong and so beautiful, that dreams touch reality. Experience the Wedding ceremonies of Rashmi & Swapnil right here in their Wedding Film Trailer and some lovely photos.

The Show

Starring Insiyah Poonawalla

The fun and frolic moments of one year old Insiya presented as a gift on her first birthday themed after a circus as Bu Town Circus

Bhagyashree & Harshad

Starring Bhagyashree & Harshad

A short trailer for the engagement ceremony of Bhagyashree & Harshad at Courtyard Marriott, Pune.

Nikhil & Tanvi

Starring Tanvi & Nikhil

You never know, you might find your life partner just while crossing the street ;) A Trailer of the wedding film of Nikhil & Tanvi.

Richie & Sneha

Starring Richie & Sneha

It was a dream come true for Richie and Sneha to get married on one of the most beautiful beach of Goa.


Starring Shruti & Hardik

A few Timeless moments from the love story Shruti & Hardik are making in this beautiful pre-wedding video

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